Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing is the ability to protect the identity of your telephone number by disguising it as another number. Instead of displaying the number that you are calling from, you can choose the number that you would like to be displayed.


SMS allows you to send text messages and receive replies back. When you send an SMS, it will appear as a random number each time and any replies sent back will appear in your SMS History. Incoming SMS messages are free!

Voice Changing

The Voice Changing feature allows you to change the pitch of your voice during calls. You can select three female settings -"Highest”, "Higher”, and "High”, pitches, as well as male pitches from "Low" to "Lowest"

Record a Call

You can record your important calls when you select to "Make a Call.” Your recorded calls are downloadable from the "Call History” page under "Account.” Recorded calls are stored for six months before they are deleted from our servers and provided in MP3 format.


Before you place your call, select the soundboard feature you would like to use. During the call, press the digit assigned to the sound file (1-9, * or #) to play it.

Schedule a Call

This feature allows you to schedule a call for a future time. You provide your telephone number, the receiver’s telephone number, and the time that you want the call to be placed. Scheduled calls can be cancelled at any time before the call is placed.

Fax Spoofing

Allows you to send out a fax to anyone from anyone. Spoof the fax number along with the header information.

Local Number

Get your own personal number from thousands of rate centers across the US and Canada. Local numbers can be forwarded to any phone number SpoofTel can reach. Local numbers are billed every two weeks and backordering is available.

Toll Free Number

Ever wanted your own personal toll free number? Create your own traplines and unmasked those blocked caller IDs or allow your friends to call you from anywhere in Canada or the US for less than $10.00 a month plus applicable per minute charges.


SpoofTel offers free voicemail on all of our Spoof Numbers. Our voicemail system is fully customizable giving you control on how or when someone leaves you a message.